“Leonard Felder’s book ‘More Fully Alive’ is a great addition to my toolbox for life.   I really love the way he uses Jewish wisdom to further my understanding of how to live fully.   His writing style is clear, and his specific examples make it easy to understand how the lessons fit into my life, while deepening my appreciation and connection to my Jewish traditions and philosophies (which can sometimes seem over-intellectual or too dense).   Everyone can benefit from this book on how to deal with your fears, anxieties, and other issues we face in our day-to-day life.   I highly recommend it.   Read it and reread it.”


–Lisa Loeb, Singer/Songwriter, Parent, and Eyeglasses Designer

Grammy-nominated for “Stay (I Missed You)”


“I loved reading this beautiful, practical book on how to create a more mindful life. These 7 accessible chapters are like having a compassionate, skilled companion walk alongside you on the path. I will absolutely recommend it to my students and to my community.”


–Rabbi Jill Berkson Zimmerman,
Founder of The Jewish Mindfulness Network

“Dr. Felder skillfully weaves the teachings of Jewish tradition and the tools of contemporary psychology into a work that will move readers toward a greater serenity of spirit. First rate!”


–Rabbi Daniel B. Syme, author of “Finding God: 10 Jewish Responses”
and “Why I am a Reform Jew”


“Who knew that timeless wisdom would turn out to be so timely. Guided by the keen insights of Leonard Felder, we all gain access to a path of life that adds resilience, compassion, and strength, thereby allowing us to live that much better and to shape communities of true caring and belonging. This book is the portal to being more fully alive!”


–Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, D.H.L., author of “Passing Life’s Tests”
and “Renewing the Process of Creation”

“In this wonderfully readable book, Dr. Len Felder offers the insights and energy of important Jewish texts in bite size pieces and guides us in using them to help balance our complicated lives. Whether you consider yourself ‘religious’ or ‘not very religious’ or ‘just spiritual,’ his friendly and realistic application of Jewish concepts makes this book a must read for individuals of all backgrounds who wish to live well and to develop the courage to consider new ways to apply profound wisdom.”


–Janet Sternfeld Davis, Talmud Teacher and Coordinator of
the Beit Midrash, American Jewish University


“With a wealth of experience and insights, Dr. Felder offers specific methods to achieve a healthier life, grounded in Jewish wisdom. Following his lead, we can begin an inner dialogue, learning how to inquire of ourselves and respond from deep within saying ‘To life!’”


–Tamar Frankiel, Ph.D., author of “The Gift of Kabbalah”
and “The Voice of Sarah”

“Dr. Len Felder possesses uncommon skill in drawing universal wisdom from sacred texts and then applying the fruit of these teachings to modern-day challenges both personal and interpersonal. He guides readers through seven accessible and thought-provoking chapters to boost our energy, open our hearts, overcome fear, and deal more effectively with the pressures of the 24/7 society we live in. ‘More Fully Alive’ provides clear and practical strategies for navigating life’s very narrow bridges.”


–Debra Darvick, author of “This Jewish Life” and co-creator of
the “Picture a Conversation” discussion card series.

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