Who Might Enjoy

Who Might Enjoy and benefit from Reading “More Fully Alive”

According to experts and early reviews of the book, here are some individuals who might benefit enormously from receiving a gift copy of the 7 Jewish mindfulness tools and health-improvement strategies found in “More Fully Alive”


–Is there someone in your family or close friendships who is a good person and who has little or no interest in organized religion?   The Jewish wisdom for dealing with stress and overload that is explored in “More Fully Alive” is welcoming, inclusive,  and non-dogmatic.   Many individuals find this unique book is a gateway back into discovering the usefulness and beauty of their Jewish roots.


–Is there someone in your family who is drawn to religion or spirituality, and he or she is hungry for Jewish wisdom that is accessible, practical, and inspirational?   Many individuals from Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Modern Orthodox, Renewal, and Secular backgrounds describe “More Fully Alive” as a book that truly makes sense and can be applied immediately to the stressful moments of daily living.


–Is there someone in your congregation who loves to study the deeper meanings and real-life applications of ancient and modern Jewish teachings?   “More Fully Alive” is being discussed in study groups, book groups, classes, and sermons nationwide because of how it embraces both the best of Jewish wisdom and the best of contemporary psychology.


–Is there someone you appreciate as a wonderful teacher or a wonderful student who might enjoy and put to good use a book that speaks to the mind, the body, and the soul of each person who reads it?

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